Vue.js 3 by Example – Blueprints to Learn Vue Web Development, Full-Stack Development, and Cross-Platform Development Quickly

Vue.js 3 by Example - Blueprints to Learn Vue Web Development, Full-Stack Development, and Cross-Platform Development Quickly

Vue is one of the leading frameworks with a huge ecosystem and increasing adoption due to its ease of use when developing applications and the fact that it can help you achieve impressive results during development quickly. This book explores the latest Vue version – Vue 3.0 – and how you can leverage it effectively.

You’ll learn with the help of an example-based approach, starting with exploring the basics of Vue 3 by creating a simple application and looking at features such as components, directives, and their usage. To build your knowledge and enable you to have confidence in your app-building skills, the book will show you how to test that app with Jest and Vue Test Utils. Later, you’ll learn how to write non-web apps with Vue 3 and create cross-platform desktop apps with the Electron plugin. You’ll also learn how to create a multipurpose mobile app with Vue and Ionic. As you progress, you’ll learn how to develop web apps with Vue 3 that interact well with GraphQL APIs. Finally, you’ll build a real-time chat app that performs real-time communication using Vue 3 and Laravel.

By the end of this book, you’ll have developed the real-world skills you need by working through a range of app-building projects using Vue 3.

Who this book is for

This book is for web developers who are interested in learning frontend web development with Vue 3 and creating professional applications using it. You will also find this book useful if you want to learn how to create full-stack web apps with Vue.js 3.0 as the frontend. Prior knowledge of basic JavaScript programming is required to get the most out of this book.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Creating Your First Application in Vue 3, will look at how to use Vue 3 to create simple apps. You will start by building the most basic apps and then move on to building more complex solutions.

Chapter 2, Building a Vue 3 Progressive Web App, will teach you how to create a GitHub Progressive Web App (PWA) with Vue 3. As you build the project, you will examine the inner workings of Vue apps by looking at the basic building blocks in depth. You will create Vue apps with components and will look at the parts that make up a component and how they work.

Chapter 3, Building a Slider Puzzle Game with Tests, will introduce you to Vue by having you create a simple game with Vue 3. You will learn how to use different methods, mixins, directives, and computed properties to be added to the project.

Chapter 4, Building a Photo Management Desktop App, will help you build a photo management desktop app with the Vue Electron plugin. You will learn how to build cross-platform desktop apps easily with Electron and Vue.

Chapter 5, Building a Multipurpose Calculator Mobile App with Ionic, will see you create a multi-purpose calculator mobile app with NativeScript. You will use Vuex to manage the state and save results data so that you can use it later in local storage. Finally, you will master currency conversions, unit conversions, and tips calculations.

Chapter 6, Building a Vacation Booking App with the PrimeVue UI Framework, will teach you how to create a travel booking app with admin functionality. The admin side will be a dashboard for users to manage bookings. It will involve using state management and routing to create a full-fledged app. The backend will be simple so that you can focus more on Vue. State management with Vuex and routing with Vue Router will also be required.

Chapter 7, Creating a Shopping Cart System with GraphQL, will help you create a Vue 3 app and use it with GraphQL APIs. You will learn how to use a GraphQL client within our Vue 3 app. The API will have queries, mutations, and database interactions, and you will learn how to create a GraphQL API with Express.

Chapter 8, Building a Chat App with Vue 3, Laravel, and Socket.IO, will teach you how to create a chat app with Vue 3,, and Laravel. This app will make HTTP requests and have real-time communication. It can be used by multiple users.


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