Radar Essentials – A Concise Handbook for Radar Design and Performance Analysis

Radar Essentials – A Concise Handbook for Radar Design and Performance Analysis

I close my radar courses and tutorials with a 35-point summary. I tell the students that if they know these “Key Radar Facts”, or have them handy, they can contribute productively to any radar discussion. These points, expanded by adding tables and charts with key radar data, were published as the Pocket Radar Guide.

The next step was to meet the need for a compendium of radar information essential for design and performance analysis. It should combine elements of a radar text and a handbook. It should be comprehensive to serve as a complete radar reference, yet compact enough to fit on an engineer’s desk or travel with him. It should contain the data and equations most useful to practicing radar engineers, yet also material to help radar non-experts understand and use the information.

This is that book. It contains basic principles of radar design and analysis, characteristics of the major radar components, key radar equations, and tables and charts with the most-used radar performance data. The reader can go directly to the topic of interest, where references are provided to other helpful sections. It is intended as a reference for radar and aerospace engineers and system analysts, and provides a handy desktop source as well as an essential traveling companion.

Detailed discussions, derivations, examples, and design details beyond the scope of this book can be found in the new Principles of Modern Radar, the latest edition of Radar Handbook, and Airborne Radar. Useful analysis techniques are given in Radar System Performance Modeling, and Radar System Analysis and Modeling. (Many of the figures in this book were produced using the custom radar functions for Excel spreadsheets provided with). Radar terms are defined in IEEE Standard Radar Definitions. Additional references to specific areas are given in the text.


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