Principles of Accounting (Needles, 12th Edition)

Principles of Accounting (Needles, 12th Edition)

Needles/Powers/Crosson continuously evolves to meet the needs of today’s learner. As a result of our research, the chapters in Needles/Powers/Crosson have been organized into a Three Section Approach, which helps students more easily digest the content.

The first section is Concepts and focuses on the overarching accounting concepts that require consistent reiteration throughout the course.

With a clear understanding of the concepts, you can proceed to the second section, Accounting Applications. Here, you can practice the application of accounting procedures with features like “Apply It!” and a new transaction analysis model, which breaks down the transaction in a simple, visual format.

Finally, move to section three, Business Applications. This section illustrates how the concepts and procedures are used to make business decisions. Real company examples are used throughout the chapter to show the relevance of accounting.


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