Managerial Accounting (Garrison, 16th Edition)

Managerial Accounting (Garrison, 16th Edition)

For centuries, the lighthouse has provided guidance and safe passage for sailors. Similarly, Garrison/Noreen/Brewer has successfully guided millions of students through managerial accounting, lighting the way and helping them sail smoothly through the course.

Decades ago, lighthouses were still being operated manually. In these days of digital transformation, lighthouses are run using automatic lamp changers and other modern devices. In much the same way, Garrison/Noreen/Brewer has evolved over the years. Today, the Garrison book not only guides students—accounting majors and other business majors alike—safely through the course but is enhanced by a number of powerful tools to augment student learning and increase student motivation. Connect, which includes adaptive and interactive study features such as SmartBook, Concept Overview Videos, Auto-Graded Excel Simulations, and Guided Examples, as well as a repository of additional resources tied directly to the text, will improve students’ engagement in and and out of class, help them maximize their study time, and make their learning experience more enjoyable. Animated, narrated Concept Overview Videos for each learning objective teach the core concepts of the text with auto-graded knowledge-check questions, and animated, narrated Guided Examples connected to practice exercises provide a step-by-step walk through of a similar exercise, assisting students when they need it most. Excel Simulations provide the student the opportunity to learn valuable Excel skills while solving problems specific to the text pedagogy.

Just as the lighthouse continues to provide reliable guidance to seafarers, the Garrison/Noreen/Brewer book continues its tradition of leading the way and helping students sail successfully through managerial accounting by always focusing on three important qualities: relevance, accuracy, and clarity.

RELEVANCE. Every effort is made to help students relate the concepts in this book to the decisions made by working managers. In the sixteenth edition, the authors have added 13 new Integration Exercises that help students learn to think like managers. These exercises link learning objectives across chapters in ways that enable students to grasp how managerial accounting “all fits together” to provide enhanced managerial insights. New and revised In Business boxes throughout the book link chapter concepts to pertinent real-world examples. Service industry references appear throughout the chapter narrative and end-of-chapter material to provide students with relevant context for the material they are learning.

ACCURACY. The Garrison book continues to set the standard for accurate and reliable material in its sixteenth edition. With each revision, the authors evaluate the book and its supplements in their entirety, working diligently to ensure that the end-of-chapter material, solutions manual, and test bank are consistent, current, and accurate.

CLARITY. Generations of students have praised Garrison for the friendliness and readability of its writing, but that’s just the beginning. In the sixteenth edition, the authors have rewritten various chapters with input and guidance from instructors around the country to ensure that teaching and learning from Garrison remains as easy as it can be.

The authors’ steady focus on these three core elements has led to tremendous results. Managerial Accounting has consistently led the market, being used by over two million students and earning a reputation for reliability that other texts aspire to match.


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