Cybersecurity Career Master Plan

Cybersecurity Career Master Plan

Cybersecurity is an incredibly dynamic field that is in the news nearly daily. An eternal cat-and-mouse struggle rages between threat actors and cybersecurity practitioners as vulnerabilities are discovered and attack strategies are refined as quickly as patches are deployed and awareness is heightened.

Now is the golden age of getting into cybersecurity. Many resources you can use to develop yourself are free or reasonably priced, and the ability to engage in community discussion through social media has led to massive networking opportunities.

This book is a complete plan to help you decode the field and understand a direction to head in, the tools and supplies to take on your journey, and how to achieve your destination.

This book is broken down into nine chapters across three logical sections aligned with a career chronology. Section 1 shapes the space of cybersecurity and helps you answer the question, “Is a job in cybersecurity right for me, and if so, which?”

Section 2 takes the velocity from section 1 and throws fuel on the fire, showing you how to apply your knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field and how to showcase yourself to potential hiring managers.

Section 3 finishes strong by showing you how to level up your career once you’re in the field and how to manage the process of setting actionable goals and accomplishing them.

Who this book is for

Cybersecurity careers are hyper-inclusive. You can be a recent college graduate, a transitioning service member, a mid-career professional looking for a different challenge, a stay-at-home parent who is ready to return to the workforce, a high school drop out, and many other unique situations. All of these backgrounds have the potential for a successful experience in the cybersecurity field.

This book makes no assumptions of your technical acumen, your prior work experience, or any socio-economic factors. If you are slightly curious or ferociously hungry about a career in cybersecurity, then this book is for you.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, New Career in Cyber… “Who Dis?”, explores the current state of the cybersecurity industry and security frameworks, as well as the pros and cons of entering the industry.

Chapter 2, Which Career Field Is Best for You?, guides you in helping you to understand which area in the extensive field of cybersecurity is right for you.

Chapter 3, Different Strokes for Different Folks, explains how it’s not just what role you want but also what industry and environment you want to work in. We explore multiple sectors, such as finance, healthcare, and energy, to highlight the pros and cons of each.

Chapter 4, Exploring Certifications and College, explores various approaches to certifications and their value in the field and examines the benefits of a college education.

Chapter 5, Getting Hands-On Experience with No Experience, covers how hands-on experience is a key differentiator for hiring managers when evaluating candidates to hire. It can be tough to get experience without the job first, and we explore precisely how to earn that experience through labs for various roles in the industry.

Chapter 6, Time to Brand Yourself – Not the Burning Type, explains how to best position yourself as a member of the cybersecurity community through engagement and contributions that will help you differentiate yourself.

Chapter 7, How to Land a Jay-Oh-Bee!, dives headfirst into how to find cybersecurity employment opportunities to get you excited. This is only half the battle, as we also explore tips to refine your résumé to stand out from the crowd and how to ace your interviews.

Chapter 8, Giving Back to Others and Yourself, covers how, given that the cybersecurity industry is constantly changing, threat actors are refining their craft, and Big Tech is constantly innovating market solutions, to stay on top of your game through knowledge-sharing and mentoring, and how to manage a mentally healthy balance between work and life.

Chapter 9, Trusting the Process, explores how to establish actionable goals and milestones as you embark on your cybersecurity career journey.


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