Beginning SVG – A Practical Introduction to SVG using Real-World Examples

Beginning SVG – A Practical Introduction to SVG using Real-World Examples

Beginning SVG is for people who want to learn how to create and manipulate SVG content in the browser quickly, natively, or by using third-party tools such as Snap.js.

Originally released back in 2001, it has only gained real-world acceptance within the last few years, as an easy-to-edit, convenient format for displaying scalable content without loss of quality. Over the course of this book, I’ll take you on a journey through using the format, showing you how easy it is to create and edit reusable shapes and text, using the format. We’ll cover such diverse topics as animating content, creating custom filters, optimizing it for efficiency – right through to some real-world examples that you can use as a basis for future projects. This book will provide you will a solid grounding in using SVG as a format, with lots of simple exercises to help you develop your skills using SVG as a format.

Beginning SVG is for the website developer who is keen to learn how to use SVG to quickly produce dynamic visual effects in the browser, without the need to use or learn packages such as Adobe Illustrator. It’s ideal for those in Agile development teams, where time is of the essence, and the pressure is on to deliver results rapidly. It’s perfect for those developers who want to focus on producing great effects or content but who don’t want to have to rely on using lots of external resources, or others to style content such as images when it can easily be done in the browser.

Alex Libby


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